Enjoy Working with Glass

Stained glass, fusing and mosaics are enjoyable and satisfying hobbies.  Classes are meant to be fun and relaxing, and for you to have pride in creating something of beauty that will last a lifetime or beyond.  We offer classes in Stained Glass Construction, Mosaics, and Glass Fusing for all levels of experience from beginners to advanced.  Our teaching methods are designed to enhance your learning experience.


We have a dedicated class room that will accommodate 8 students. (due to the COVID-19 restictions, classroom is limmited to 4 students). Our students do not need to purchase any tools, grinders, etc to attend our beginnning classes.  We want you to be sure that you are interested in continuing with what you have learned before you make any investment.

Requirements for classes
You need to know how to cut glass for all of our classes beyond Stained Glass I.  For our fusing, mosaic, and jewlery classes you may take the Glass Cutting Workshop in lieu of a beginning stained glass class.
Some of our classes require previous glass cutting and foiling experience.  Please check the requirements carefully.  If you do not meet the prerequisites you will not be admitted into the class.

Registration and attendance  -  Please read the following

Because we keep the size of our classes small (for better quality and a smaller student-to-teacher), our classes fill quickly, sometimes months in advance.  Consequently, we must impose the following guidelines when signing up for all classes.  If you haven't paid the deposit, your spot in the class is not guaranteed.


Since our classes are selected by you, if you cannot attend all dates for the class there may be no way to make up the class.  Certain classes are required and cannot be missed.


A nonrefundable deposit of $35.00 (cash, check, or charge card) is required for each class.  Due upon registration.  Full payment is due on or before the start of the class.


If you make a reservation by phone, the deposit must be received within 7 days or you name will be  removed from the class roster so others can sign up for the class.  Your place in the class is not reserved until the deposit is received.


If you cancel 31 or more days before your class starts, you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel 16 or more days before your class starts, you will be refunded everything less your $35.00 deposit.

If you cancel 15 or fewer days before your class starts - and we cannot fill your spot - you will forfeit your full payment.  (Sorry, but you may have held a spot that someone else could have filled).


Sometimes a student needs to transfer to another class.  That's fine.  Just make sure you make the transfer 16 or more days before your class starts.  Any later than this,you will forfeit your payment if we cannot fill your spot.


NO refunds will be made for no-shows, or if you dropout of the class after attending any of the class sessions.


If  total class sign ups do not meet the minimum number of students, the class may be cancelled and full deposits will be refunded.


At the time of deposit, you will be given a list of what you will need to bring for the class, a class description, and a copy of the refund policy.


Students requiring special accommodation should advise us as to those needs when they are registering,  and allow us 30 days prior to the class to make any special arrangement to meet their needs.